Home selling today should be as smooth and stress free as possible. You’re busy juggling work, family, friends and more, all while preparing your home for sale, keeping it up for showings and getting ready to relocate. Our goal is to help make it as easy as possible to navigate this process and the requirements you are obligated to do as a seller. Our services focus on utilizing mobile and paperless options to service you on your schedule during the selling process. Timing is crucial in your transaction and the milestones we have to meet together can happecropped-cropped-Luke-pic-1.jpegn faster and easier because our team utilizes software, transaction management systems, e-signature platforms and mobility. Your success and experience in the home selling process is important to us.

Determining the value of your home comes from looking at a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), considering influencing factors and the relationship of a comprehensive marketing plan with a pricing strategy. Comparative Market Analysis In the CMA process, we will review related properties recently active and sold on the market. Recent sales are the strongest indicator of what a current buyer and current seller are able to contract for a successful close, resulting in today’s fair market value. Sold properties illustrate the relativity of home location, features and salability with buyer interest. Current listings will indicate the level of competition and homes being compared against your property.

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Influencing Factors A number of factors influence buyer interest in both their willingness to make a purchase and the price they are willing to pay. Some factors like consumer confidence, the state of the economy, availability of money and interest rates, are important considerations outside of our control. Other significant factors are also finite, such as the location, size and features of the home. The condition of the home also has a substantial impact on buyer interest and their evaluation of what the home is worth when compared to competing listings.

Marketing & Pricing Strategy In addition to consideration of a CMA and influencing factors, it is important to consider the impact a comprehensive, quality marketing plan will have in reaching the widest breadth of current homebuyers, and their perception of the value of the home. The presentation of your property impacts whether a home bListing-Distribution-768x684uyer puts it above or below the value of your competitors. In short, they see the home as worth more or less than the others.

Today’s homebuyers begin their search for properties and information on the Internet. Online and mobile real estate searches have grown each year while the use of print media in home shopping continues to decrease. The Internet (82%) and your Real Estate Agent (78%) are the top two most useful information sources for homebuyers (National Association of REALTORS Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 2015). Want to maximize your profit within a timeline right for you? Marketing your home online is essential in reaching the broadest audience of buyers. We create high quality, professional online marketing of your home with direct avenues to communicate with us for quick, responsive access to more information and showings.

In addition to expansive online marketing and easy access for more information, we feature your home on the top sites searched by homebuyers. Why feature your property? Our featured listing program gives your property greater online exposure, increased branding and connects buyers with your agent to ensure they receive timely and accurate information about your home. In addition, your agent is the highlighted contact for the first 30 days, when over 90% of buyer inquiries are submitted on,, Yahoo! Real Estate, AOL Real Estate, and

Once your home is displayed on these sites, we keep you informed of the online homebuyer traffic results. We show you the trends, sites being used, and help you gauge the level of interest during our marketing strategy. This information allows you to make informed decisions about the sale of your home and any adjustments needed along the way.